Welcome to Maine AIM

Maine AIM - Accessible Instructional MaterialsAll students learn best when information is presented in a way that matches their individual learning styles. While some students may learn best when information is presented visually, other students may learn best from hearing the content, others may need to feel and touch the material, and still others may need a combination of these methods.

For some students, a disability such as visual impairment, blindness, physical disability, or a learning disability may interfere with learning. When the disability prevents the student from being able to learn from printed instructional materials (e.g., standard print textbooks, trade books, and handouts), schools identify the student as having a “print disability” and provide the student with the appropriate Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) and assistive technology (AT).

In keeping with the Maine Department of Education’s goal of improving student outcomes and graduation rates through the use of the principles of Universal Design for Learning, the Maine AIM Program is a resource to Maine educators and families for information on how to: identify students with print disabilities, and select, acquire and use AIM.