Welcome to the new website

Maine AIM - Accessible Instructional MaterialsIt started as a summer project, but the revision of the Maine AIM Program has taken a while to get done. 

We have revised and re-organized the site to reflect changes in the program and the focus of attention as the Maine AIM Program has evolved over the years. We decided to re-organize around the “users” of Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) and the folks who generally spend their time finding and acquiring these materials. Hopefully, this will help you find what you need more quickly.

Second, we have expanded our mission to include more than the k-12 school population. We have considerably more information about the services and needs of student in post-secondary educational institutions and will be expanding in other areas soon. We’ve also pulled things together for parents and families.

As has been in the past, we still have training webinars archived (new ones are in the pipeline), our videos (formerly called Kids’ Voices) and of course all of the resource you need as you identify students and their needs and set about to get them the AIM they need.

Like all projects of this type, there are no doubt some glitches and dead-links. Please drop us a line at info@maine-aim.org (our use our Contact page) if you find something that’s not working, or if you can’t find something you need.

We hope you enjoy cruising around the new site.