US DOE Looking for Stories

StudentsRepublished from ACTEM’s newsletter Connected Educator

by Jennifer Orr, NBCT, 3rd grade teacher

Jennifer approached ACTEM in the hopes that they might be able to recommend a few great examples of work happening in schools or districts that might fit into one of the topics listed below.

I am working with the Office of Educational Technology (OET) at the U.S. Department of Education to research and write a collection of stories for the OET Story Tool as part of a new pilot project and I was hoping ACTEM
readers might be able to help us!

The OET has a Story Tool that collects and shares short narratives that describe exemplary educational technology policies and practices in schools across the country. See some example stories on the US-DOE website…

Specifically, we are looking for stories on certain topics including:

  • Technology use w/early learners
  • Accessibility and universal design for learning
  • Active use of technology (e.g. AR/VR, games, coding, media production, etc.)

Each story will identify a challenge faced by a school, district, or state as well as how the institution leveraged technology to address the challenge. In highlighting these stories, we hope to provide actionable examples that other schools, districts, or states might learn from and replicate.

If you have a story to tell, please contact Jennifer Orr directly at: Each collection will include ten stories, so it isn’t guaranteed that every story will be highlighted in this round.