Enhanced Literacy Applications

Software by KurzweilEnhanced Literacy Applications (ELA) are software packages or browser extensions that “enhance” an e-book reader technology with certain additional “tools that can support reading in students with print disabilities, particularly those with Learning Disabilities/Dyslexia. These applications come in desktop form, as apps for handheld/mobile devices, and as browser extensions and increasingly, these tools are being included in the operating systems of computers and handheld/mobile devices.

Enhanced Literacy Application include all or some of the following features:

  • Text-to-speech – Text is read to the student and controls are included to allow the student to change the voice and speed of the speech.
  • Font size and style changes – Allows the student to changing the type, size or color of font.
  • Font color and background changes – Allows the student to change the font color and or background color.
  • Highlighted words – While using the text-to-speech feature, the application highlights the words, sentences or paragraph when speaking the content.
  • Built-in glossaries – Allows the student to look up the meaning of words without having to leave the text.
  • Notation/annotation – Allows the student to “mark-up” or make notes regarding the text.

For more information, including links to make ELAs, plugins, tools and resources, please visit Apps for students with learning disabilities/dyslexia…

Photo credit: Image of Kurzweil 3000 application (c) by Kurzweil Education

rev: 08/28/2020