Screen Magnification

Zoom-It application on MacSome students with low vision or visual impairments need reading materials that have been enlarged. Large print is print for text passages that is larger than the print used by that segment of the population with normal vision.

Although much of the instructional content that has been converted into Large Print will take the form of a Large Print book, increasingly people who need Large Print are utilizing computers with Screen Magnification.

Large magnifier for enlarging printScreen Magnification comes in two major forms: mechanical or electronic. Mechanical include large magnification lenses that are placed between the content and the viewer (i.e., a large magnifying glass). Electronic screen magnification is either an additional (third-party) application (sometime requiring additional hardware) or software built into the computer’s operating system. All of the major computer operating systems have screen magnification built in.

More information may be found in Best Practices and Guidelines for Large Print Documents used by the Low Vision Community

Photo Credit: Top image of ZoomIt software on MacBookPro (c) by ZoomIt