Directions For Joining Maine AEM Webinars

Zoom logoIf you have already pre-registered, or if the pre-registration page is closed, please follow the directions below to join the meeting/webinar:

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  1. Setup before the Webinar
  2. Joining the Webinar
  3. Participating in the Webinar
  4. At the end of the Webinar

Maine CITE and the University of Maine System have recently converted to Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar as the videoconferencing platform.

Setup before the Webinar

If this is your first time attending a Zoom Webinar, we recommend that you review Zoom’s information for joining.

You may join the webinar using your computer and browser (speakers or headphones required) or via the Zoom desktop or mobile application.

Please use this link for additional directions if you use a Chromebook or other Chrome OS devices

Testing Your Connection Before Joining a Webinar

You may wish to test your connection to Zoom before the webinar by joining a “test meeting” at this link:

NOTE: If you are joining the Zoom webinar from an organization that has a Firewall or Web Security Gateway, please have your IT staff review the proper Firewall and Proxy settings in sufficient time to be able to join the meeting.

Joining The Webinar

  1. Be prepared to join the meeting a least five minutes before the start time so that you can work out any technical issues.
  2. Each Maine AEM webinar will have a unique web address that connects you directly to the webinar “room.” This link will be sent out to anyone who pre-registered prior to the meeting.
  3. At the time of the event, use this link to enter the room. Your browser may ask you to download the Zoom app or, if already installed, to “open” the Zoom app. Click on the link that says “Open”.
  4. When you arrive at the login page> Enter your name and email address as requested. Click Join Webinar.

Zoom Accessibility Features

To access some of the Accessibility features of Zoom Webinar during an event, click on or activate the Audio Settings link at the top toolbar. Choose Accessibility from the left menu. In this section, you will have the opportunity to adjust your accessibility setting and see a reference to Keyboard Shortcuts (see the next section below for more information about Keyboard Shortcuts and Captioning).

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Zoom Webinar application provides access for participants with physical disabilities, blindness, and low vision through a range of Zoom keyboard shortcuts. Use this link to learn more about Keyboard Shortcuts and to see a list of Hot Keys.

Closed Captioning

Participants can also view closed captioning during a webinar. Closed Captioning will be provided by a live CART transcription service provider. Participants may change the size of the caption font using the Zoom settings. Please see the directions in this link as they vary depending on what operating system you are using…

As noted above, you may modify your Closed Captioning settings (font size) by using the link to Audio Settings at the toolbar at the top of your screen.

Participants may also choose to use the StreamText transcription service when viewing our webinars. Information about this service will be provided at the beginning of each webinar.

If you need assistance or an accommodation, please contact the Maine AEM Program via e-mail at or via phone at 207-621-3195.

Participating in the Webinar

During our webinar, all participants’ audio is muted and video turned off. Participants wishing to comment or ask questions during the event are asked to type these into the “Q&A” window which will open when you click or activate the Q&A button on the toolbar. You may also use the Chat window to ask questions during the webinar.

The Host or Presenter will stop the presentation from time to time to facilitate the question and answer process.

If you need to ask your question orally, it is possible to use a microphone or headset with microphone plugged into your computer to speak to the group. If you need to use this feature, please contact the Maine CITE at least two hours before the event via e-mail please contact the Maine AEM Program via e-mail at or via phone at 207-621-3195 so we can turn it on for you.

In some webinars, the presenter will post a poll question. Please follow the directions given at that time to complete the poll.

At the end of the Webinar

At the end of the live presentation you will be given a link to a website where you can fill out an optional program evaluation form. Certificates of Attendance will be sent (via e-mail) to those who have completed the evaluation form.

Please note: Certificates of Attendance are not available for participants viewing archived webinars.

After the meeting is over, simply close the “window” or Zoom app. You may also leave the “meeting” using the link in the lower right corner of the screen. Use your browser to locate the evaluation form.


Thank you for choosing to join our Maine AEM Program webinar. If you have question before the webinar, please contact the Maine AEM Program via e-mail at or via phone at 207-621-3195.


rev: 09/13/2021