Accessible Digital Documents

Program Description

Maine AIM WebinarsRecorded: December 8, 2015 – At one time, we relied on the talents of one person, or a small team of people, who served as “webmasters” – folks who were the “gatekeepers” of all information intended for display on a website. Today, everyone is a “content creator” and as such we all need to be aware that digital content intended for the public must be fully accessible to everyone.

In this 90-minute webinar, the issues and methods related to the creation of accessible digital documents were discussed. Procedures for assessing content for accessibility and team work-flows that can ensure your digital content successfully meets accessibility standards are examined.

Learning Goals

  • Understanding of the needs of people with disabilities and the Assistive Technologies used.
  • What are digital documents & how to make them accessible to all.
  • Tools for assessing and work flows that increase success.
  • Where to find tons of free resources.


John E. Brandt, is the Training Coordinator for the Maine CITE Coordinating Center. John has served as a web designer and developer and consulted on accessible web design since 1999.


Here are the materials associated with this webinar: