AIM For Learners With Dyslexia

Program Description

Maine AIM WebinarsRecorded: October 21, 2015 – Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) are curriculum materials in formats that are usable by students who have difficulty reading standard print, such as textbooks and paper handouts. For students with dyslexia, the AIM formats of digital text and audio can enable access to classroom learning, at the same time that specialized instruction and interventions improve reading skills. In this webinar, the role of AIM in supporting students with dyslexia is examined, including:

  • The impact of dyslexia on a learner’s ability to access standard print materials;
  • how students with dyslexia can benefit from AIM;
  • descriptions of digital text and audio formats;
  • sources of curriculum materials in digital text and human-narrated audio;
  • and tools and resources.

Audience: Special education teachers; general education teachers; therapists; speech and language pathologists; literacy specialists; learning strategists; and librarians.


Cynthia Curry, M.S.Ed. Coordinator, Disability Services, University of New England.


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