AT And AIM/AEM For On-Demand Access To Reading Materials

Program Description

Maine AIM WebinarsRecorded: May 18, 2016 – Students with print disabilities are frequently disadvantaged when curriculum materials are not provided in a format they can access and use. A student with dyslexia may require curriculum materials in an audio format, while a student with low vision may need materials in Large Print, and a student with a physical disability may need their materials in a Digital text format. In many classrooms, teachers are using handouts, web-based content and other digital instructional materials – on demand that have not been converted into alternate formats. In this one-hour webinar we discuss Assistive Technology (AT) tools that can be used to convert curriculum materials for on-demand accessibility.

Participants learn how:

  • The terms Assistive Technology and Accessible Instructional/Educational Materials relate to reading tools.
  • Students can acquire or create alternative formats of reading materials “on the fly.”
  • Students can use cross-platform AT apps and devices for reading materials across the curriculum.


Cynthia Curry, M.S.Ed., Coordinator, Disability Services, University of New England.


rev: 12/3/2018