Bookshare: A Free And Easy Solution For Students With Reading Barriers

Program Description

Maine AIM WebinarsRecorded: December 1, 2016 – Do you work with students who experience barriers to reading printed text, such as visual impairments and dyslexia?

In this free webinar, learn about Bookshare, an online library of accessible ebooks for people with print disabilities. Members access nearly 500,000 titles, including textbooks, assigned reading, and bestsellers, and read in ways that work for them. They can hear text read aloud, hear and see words as they are highlighted, or read in braille or large font. They can read on computers, Chromebooks, smartphones, tablets, and assistive technology devices. See recent improvements that make Bookshare easier to use than ever, from signup to effortless reading. Bookshare is free for all qualified U.S. students thanks to awards from the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), U.S. Department of Education.


Christine Jones, Senior Education Program Manager – Bookshare/Benetech


Video Resources

These are links to the Bookshare YouTube channel videos that are referenced in the webinar:

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