Making PDFs into Accessible Educational Materials

Program Description

icons of commonly used softwareRecorded:  February 14, 2018 – Teachers at all levels make frequent use of digital materials including documents saved in Portable Document Format (PDF). Unfortunately, many of these materials are not Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) and are inaccessible to learners with disabilities.

In this session, we will discuss the importance of making all education materials accessible, how to ensure your PDFs “make the grade,” and various tools and techniques that can be used to help fix and rescue some documents.


  • John E. Brandt, Training Coordinator, Maine CITE, Maine AEM Program
  • Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles, Ph.D., ATP, RSU 21 Assistive Technology Specialist


Maine AEM and Maine CITE recording webinars are now being served using the Kaltura media hosting services of the University of Maine. For participants needing Captioning, we recommend enlarging the video player to full size and use the CART captioning that is embedded in the recording – see additional directions for using captioning.  

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The following resources (with links) are from the presentation that Hillary Goldthwaith-Fowles shared:

Apple iOS Scanning Apps

Apple iOS Annotation Apps that Promote Accessibility

Chrome Apps and Extensions for Accessibility

Online OCR and Software OCR tools


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