Reading and Writing: Using Learning Ally and Co:Writer

Program Description

Learning Ally logoRecorded October 6, 2017 – In this webinar, we have a conversation with RSU 63 Director of Special Services, Jesse Gauthier discussing the solution he and his colleagues have used to meet the needs of students struggling with reading and writing.

Using their district license for Learning Ally, a provider of high-quality, human-narrated audio-textbooks, RSU 63 has integrated audio textbook for a number of their students and have seen positive results with literacy and comprehension of grade-level reading materials.

We will also discuss Co:Writer, a word prediction and dictionary tool that aids with student written expression through offering spelling suggestion, speech-to-text, and text-to-speech feedback.

This webinar will provide ample opportunities for questions from participants.


  • Jesse Gauthier, Director of Special Services, RSU 63
  • John Brandt, Training Coordinator, Maine AEM Program